Adding Integers

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Number Operations

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Adding Integers


Sally goes to the bank. She sees that she has $-18. She deposits $18 into her acount. How much money does she have in her bank acount?She has $0 in her bank acount because -18 + 18 equals 0. Therefore it is a zero pair.

-12 + 1313 -12=11

Adding Integers

II Steps: For Adding two positives:1. For adding two positives you add the two numbers together and add a positive sign.

I Steps: How to do zero pairs:1. When using a zero pair it is one negative and one positive of the same number. The answer is always 0.

IV Steps:For Adding a Negative and positive: 1. First subtract the smaller number from the bigger number.2. Then keep the sign of the larger number.

WRONG ANSWERS! The correct answers are -11 and -38.

49 + 36=85


III Steps:How to add two negatives:1. For adding two negatives you add the two numbers together and then add a negative sign.


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