Addiction Disease Model

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Addiction Disease Model

Personality Traits:Addictive Personality

Addiction: Some things to consider....

Cocaine is snorted/inhaled through the nostrils where it is absorbed into the blood stream through the tissues in the nose. It can also be injected or smoked.

Family Issues

Attitudes and Beliefs

Is there help for cocaine users?Yes! There is help! Behavioral Counseling and self-help programs such as a community-based recovery group are known to help those with a cocaine addiction. Currently, there are not any specific medictations that are used for treatment.

How do I know if someone is using cocaine? Obvious signs of cocaine use include:-Feeling Euphoric-Being extremely talkative-Being energetic-Not feeling the need to sleep-Not feeling the need to eat-Having dilated pupils-Having high Blood Pressure/Heart rate-Having Depression-Having nose bleeds-Breathing Rapidly-Sweating