Adderall Misuse Among Students

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Adderall  Misuse Among Students

Adderall Misuse Among Students

OVERVIEW: Adderall is a medication that is prescribed to individuals with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The drug has been misused since its development; many collegiate students who are not prescribed adderall utilize the drug to help enhance their studies or performance on various levels, while many others simply use the drug to obtain a high. Adderall has seen to be very effective with performance regardless if the person was prescribed the drug or not. The questions remain whether the drug is safe to use or whether the drug is a form of cheating.

CONS:*Side effects: lack of appetite, headache, insomnia, restlessness, increase in blood pressure, irregular heart beat, migraine, mood swings, seizures, and depression. -“The benefits way out numbered any kind of negative that came along with it, or so I thought. I soon start to see the downfalls in my relationships. I'd be unreliable, nasty, and just a flat out horrible friend." -Student*Poses an unfair advantage for students who take the drug without actually needing it.-“The thing that I found the most frustrating was that their use of ‘study drugs’ actually worked and some were rewarded for it. One, in particular, became salutatorian of my class while I, a hard-working and driven individual, was disadvantaged” -Student *Can become addictive due to its active ingredient, amphetamine. -“I don’t think I’m addicted..I just can’t imagine not taking it”-College Student

PROS: *Can increase an individual’s performance by unlocking certain areas of the brain. -“The pills wake up the filtering parts of the brain. The smarts are already contained [in the brain], all it allows the individual to do is focus and use skills they already have” –Dr. Michael Coats*Highly effective for studying and writing papers. -“When I write a paper on Adderall, it flows better, it’s more concise, and it takes me half the time” –College Student *Easily obtainable without a prescription. - “So, as the workload piled up, my search for Adderall began. Within twenty-four hours I had five pills in my hand, costing me a mere five dollars. Five dollars for an A on an exam didn't seem as if it were any kind of price to pay at all” –Univ. of Chicago Student

OPINION: The possible consequences of adderall are just not worth it. Addiction or dependency is likely with the prolonged use of adderall. Even if the person doesn’t feel or admit to being dependent on the drug, many people may be unable to concentrate without them after continued use. With college and the marketplace becoming ever so competitive, people’s response should be to work harder, not look for a quick fix that is ultimately unsustainable. I believe taking adderall is cheating, as students are altering their brain composition to receive better results. People will always face difficult situations and need time management skills and focus to succeed in life, not drugs.

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