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Adderall - Amphetamine


Mechanism of action: A sympathomimetic amine that produces CNS ' respiratory stimulation, mydriasis, bronchodilation, a pressor response ' contraction of the urinary sphincter. Directly affects alpha ' beta receptor sites in peripheral system. Enhances release of norepinephrine by blocking reuptake.



"I will be sure to use a stress reduction protocol because I know adderoll can make you anxious"

General: monitor vital signs at every appointment because of cardiovascular side effects.*Assess salivary flow as a factor in caries, peridontal disease ' candidiasis. *Psychologic ' physical dependence may occurwith chronic use.*Consider short appointments, frequent recall if patient becomes restless during dental appointments. *Consultations: medical consultation may be required to assess disease control and patients ability to tolerate stress.

*Biotene for xerostomia*Xylitol gum * Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.*Consistant re-care visits to aid in prevention of caries*Fluoride trays to be used at home for prevention of caries

Frequent: irregular pulse, increased motor activity, talkativeness, nervousness, mild euphoria, insomnia. Occasional: headache, chills, xerostomia, GI distress, worsening depression in patients who are clinically depressed. Tachycardia, palpatations and chest pain.


Therapeutic Effect: Increases motor activity, mental alertness, decreases drowsiness, fatigue.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:advancedarteriosclerosis, agitative states, glaucoma, history of drug abuse, history of hypersensitivity to sympathomimetic amines, hyperthyroidism, moderate to severe hypertension. Symptomatic cardiovascular disease. Within 14 days following discontinuation of an MAOI

Uses: Narcolepsy, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Local Anesthesia Dose*Patient weighs 111lbs *2% lidocaine=20mg per cartridge*1 cartridge =1.8ml*20mgx1.8ml=36mg lidocaine/cartridge*MRD=2mg per pound*222mg divided by 36 mg /cartridges=6.1 cartridges*0.01mg x 1.8ml= 0.018mg epinephrine/cartridge*MRD for epi: 0.2mg for healthy patients*0.2mg divided by 0.018mg epi=11 cartridges

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