Adapting to New Environment

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Environmental Studies

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Adapting to New Environment

Vari- meaning change. Variation means slight differences between species. New variations within a species can arise through mutations.

What is a variation?

Organisms adapting to their environment


Fossils- a remain or a trace of an organisn that was once aliveMold- a fossil that is hollow place shaped like an organismCast- a fossil formed by sediments filling up a mold

Learning from Fossils

A change or disturbance in the environment caused by human influences or natural ecological processes. When the environment changes, the species may become adapted to the new condition

Environmantal Change

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Why study fossils?

To learn about how the world has changed. Scientist find fossils all around the world. Where fossils are located will indicate how the world use to be. To learn how organisms live. By looking at fossils from differen times, they show how organisms changed and adapted to the new environment.

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Adapting to the new environment

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One factor that can trigger variations are mutations. Mutations are unintentional glitches in the DNA during gene expression. Mutations can be caused by the environment.

Animals adapt so that they can survive and thrive where they live. They use their physical features to help them find food, remain safe, build homes, survive weather as well as attract mates.

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Open Minded Potraits/Double EntryLog onto Popplet and create an opened minded portrait about one specie that we have covered in class. Sharks include 4 characteristics of your specie, Bears include 6 characteristics of your specie and Lions include 8 characteristics of your specie. Then explore through writing a double entry why that specie was interesting. Critical thinking! If your specie moves to an opposite climate from where it lives now, for example a Polar Bear moving to Long Island, how would your specie adapt? Answer in your double entry.


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