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Earth Sciences

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Deer have to adapt topreditors.They surviveby taking shelter.Wolfshave to adapt to coldness.They huddle up togetherto stay warm.Polar bearshave to adapt to hotness.They survive by water.

Umbrella plants haveto adapt to the cold.They survive by usingenergy for heat.Roseshave to adapt to preditors.they survive by their thorns.Dafidils have to adapt to heat.They survive byslowly taking in water.

Racoons have to adapt to lack of food.They survive by eating out of our garbage.

Animals Plants

Pine trees have to adapt to dry soil.They survive by their long roots deeperinto wetter soil.

Lily pads haveto adapt to Water.They surviveby the sun above them.

Endangered species:

texas wild rice

banana bat

minor red bat

extinct animals:

wooly mammoth

ruta tree

saber toothed tiger

Extinct means no longer in existance

Endangered means almost extinct

Natural selection is the process where by organisms better adapted to their enviroment tend to survive and produce more offspring.

Adaptation is the action or process of adapting.

By Chase Cowley

Humans effect the animals and their habitat by killing,hunting and logging.


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