Adams Sir William Mcmahon

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Adams Sir William Mcmahon

Sir WilliamMcahon

Sir William Mcmahon was born in redfern sydeny 23rd, Febuary 1908. At 15 he started his education at sydeny grammar school in 1923 for 3 years he learned there.Then he went to sydeny university and graduated with alaw and economics degree.In 1939 he joined World War IIbut only stayed for 6 yearsbecuase he had hearing problems and he couldn't hear commands. But in 1949at the age of 41 he became a member of the Australian liberal party, Then a year later he joined the house of representitives. In his later years of government he got voted in for prime minister.

.At one point he was a solicitor..He's kids were Julian, Deborah and Melinda.He was part of the freemasons.

Some people called him ''billy''And his wife ''née Hopkins''.

Fun FactsSir William Mcmahon Wife is Sonia Mcmahon.One of his kids is a actor.He was the second oldest Prime minister.

He died when he was not Prime minister.He died in his house on March 31, 1988


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