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Adams Biodiversity Glogster

Biodiversity is everything from genes to ecosytems and is part of the process to substain life Biodiversity is everything that is rare extinct and unusual and its also everything thats living. some examples are

Genetic biodiversity- this means that there can be one species, but there can be many different types of that species. Species- more than 10 million species are on the earth. we use at least 40,000 different plant and animal species on earth every day. 1.75 million species have been named so far by scientists

Ecological- this is the process of how the animals and species interact with one another in theirbiodiversity groups.

Threats to biodiversity1. Climate change - climates have changed over the past 100 years and that could destroy the life for some innocent species. 2. deforestation and habitat lost- this could lead to death or relocation for some creatures and species. 3. over exploitation- too much hunting, fishing, and killion off of animals could eventually lead to extinction. 4. pollution- pollution can harm these animals and species in s many ways like air pollution, garbage pollution, water pollution and etc.

Ways that it's being preserved provincial government- they have been trying to preserve biodiversity by creating parks and protected areas. federal government- they have been preserving biodiversity by setting boundaries on what people can do in the water. they are also trying to set policies.local governments- they have been preserving it by their planning and zoning group.some national parks are preserving biodiversity by setting certain limits that people can travel on and the rest they just have to look so they dont mess with the ecological system.

what each person can do to help 1. eliminate pesticides or chemical harmful to biodiversity 2. restore a habitat 3. re- use and re-cycle4. buy local foods 5. reduce energy demand