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adamaris gonzales

I am 10 years old almost 11.I have a big family. Some are in the u.s the other part of my family is in Mexico and Honduras.I have a pet crab that I found in the beach.

I have 1 sister who is 17 and a brother who is 14.In Mexico I have 8 cousins,and in the U.S 9 cousins.In Mexico I have 5 aunts,and in the U.S I have 7 aunts.I haven't met my family in Honduas but I would love to go someday.

I like many types of food.I like Chinese the beef broccoli.My favorite Italian food is spagetti.Honduren the valiadas and Mexican the gorditas and mole.

I love to go to school.I play teacher with my cousins.I help tthem also get ready for there next grade.They like when they earn something beacuse they know there learning.

For vacation I went to the beach.It was super fun,I got on a boat to get to the island.I went to see dolphins and water splshed everywhere.I found a crab,which was the best thing that ever happend to me.Im keeping him as my pet and I named him Mr.krabs.


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