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Chemical Elements

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Adam matter

.Matter is all around us.Everything around us is made of matter.We are made out of matter.There are 5 states of matter, but the 3 main forms of matter are soilds, liquids and gases.It takes up space.It has volume.It has mass.

ContentWhat is matter?solidsliquidsgaseschanging states ofmatter

Matter exists in different forms which can be changed and used for a variety of purposes.

.Solids keep their shape unless you do something to it.Solids can be transparent like glass.Solids can be hard like diamonds.Some solids are strong like iron and steel. Some solids are light and are used to make airplanes.

.Liquids have a fixed volume but they take the shape of a container.Particles inside a liquid have more energy and they move more easily.Liquids can be thick or thin.Viscosity measures how easily liquids flow. If viscosity is high it flows slowly and if viscosity is low it flows fast.Density is property of liquids. It is the amount of mass in a liquid.

Gases have no fixed shape.It has no fixed volume.It has mass.It is mostly invisible.It occupies space.It moves.It has pressure.



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