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What is "censorship"?Now what exactly is censorship, in a short definition, its the action of examining a piece of literature in order to prevent the art to be considered acceptable in society. Which will lead to deleting/banning the piece.

Who censors?

Some people are against censorship due to the fact that they belive they have the right to know what is going on in the rest of the world. Muisc, tv, politics, and even people are censored because they believe that the ideas that are placed in society are too provactive.

When the first thought that comes to mind when asked the question "who censors?", you can only suspect everyone. And that's because everyone has the ability to censor. If you were on "YouTube" you can attempt to censor a video by flagging it. Even people we trust such as teachers censor. And from personal experience, all they have to do is say that the written statement is not apporpriate and "BAM" you're stuck on a Friday night redoing your entire project.

Why are some people against censorship?


This is sure to put a twist in your sari. Recently Pastor Terry Jones of Florida attempted to burn almost three thousand Korans in the so called honor of 9/11 victims. The book in fact gives ideas to the reader to convert to Islam. Terry Jones was trying to prevent that by burning the sacred books. But he is believed to be the kind of American that stubbornly thinks that every Middle-Eastern is a dangerous terrorist.

The most common known variations of censorship is poiltical, social, and moral.

What are some types of censorship?

What are some examples of censorship in history and currently?

Why do some people support censorship?

A simple answer to a simple question. It's because their afraid. They're afraid of the such rights given to us like the freedom of speech. They're afraid of younger generations being exposed to the truth. They're afraid of uncontrolled life. Just because their generation was filled with unjust rules, they expect ours to be the same.

"There where one burns books, one in the end burns men."Heinrich Heine



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