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Computer Science

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Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace



Impact on world

People remember Lovelace because of her she understood all the functions of the computer because of Babbage.

Ada Byron was born on December 10, 1815 in London

Lovelace's mother got tutors for her, \whic was unusual becausenot many people in their time got educated this way

Her father was a famous poet, Lord George Gordon Byron

Ada Lovelace's parents separated after her birth. A few months later Her father left England and she never saw him again

Ada met Charles Babbage, an inventor and mathematician. Lovelace started to study math through Babbage. He acted as a mentor towards Ada. Lovelace then began studying in the University of London with Augustus de Morgan.

Babbage's inventions interested Ada, she was asked to translate a swedish article on his invention.

Lovelace's fame came from her bering the first to write a computer algorithm but the fact that she was a woman gives her just more fame, considering that when she was alive woman didn't really get an education.

She wrote the first computer algorithm


She died November 27, 1852


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