Activity 5: Newspaper Article Recount

by KatWinchester
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Activity 5: Newspaper Article Recount

Here is titanic when the first discovered it under Atlantic Ocean surfice.

A 21 year-old man sent a text to his friend saying "I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident." As a result of texting while driving, he crashed off a bridge, then off a cliff before he ended up in a gorge. He sustained life-threatening injuries including a broken neck, fractured skull and brain trauma.The response this particular event had was that Phillip Brooks, the operations manager for NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol, spoke out and said “We've had two recent fatalities here [in NSW] where the drivers involved have been seen with their heads down texting away and then, upon the incident occurring, phones have been recovered with half-written text messages on them."So to encourage drivers to avoid this factor of distraction, they have fines and penalties. In NSW, using a mobile phone while driving carries a $265 fine and three demerit points. In Victoria it also attracts three demerit points but a slightly smaller fine ($234).The influences of the accident were the man texting on his phone. Texting is distracting to drivers as it diverts their some of their attention elsewhere, as a result making it easier to spiral off the road as they would have a slower reaction time as they have half their focus on the other activity (texting, adjusting the radio etc.)The consequences of this were that he suffered life threatening injuries such as a broken neck, fractured skull and brain trauma. This event could have potentially killed him and the purpose this article served was to alert people the dangers of texting while driving and the repercussions it can have.

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Activity 5:Newspaper Article Recount

Youth sends prophetic message before plunging off a cliff in his car..



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