Activities July 9

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Activities July 9

Activities: July 9-10


Writing Skill a free-verse poem that includes a theme.

PBL:Create your VOKI AVATAR for our poetry project! :)1) GO TO: Create your own account. You must use your PERSONAL email address, NOT your school username. This video will show you how to create the avatar: When completed, publish your VOKI AVATAR. Name the "scene" after you--first and last name. Email me your AVATAR. You do NOT need to include a message.2) Check your "shared with me" documents in your DRIVE and choose a classmate's poem. 3) Using your VOKI AVATAR, record your unique comments about the poem, Be sure to clearly state the theme and use text evidence to support your statements.5) Email the VOKI to Ms. Jennings. In the message, be sure to include the title of the poem and the name of the author (your classmate).



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