Action Research

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Action Research

teacher -directed via recognition of student NEED

Characteristics of Action Research

1. practical

2. continuous reflection

Researchers spend time reflecting on the research method and the data/information being collected & cultural context

C&C: poor academic achievement & behavioral issues with group of boys in New Zealand

Snell: need for increased parent involvement

C & C:Chris uses a reflective journal which assisted in goal setting purposes

Snell: Promotora researchers used research groups and analyzed data from sessions

Researchers try to resolve cultural differences of participants in the research study.

C & CTeachers used different methods to improve students, such as rotating teachers, individual help, joining activities & parental involvement. Students developed a positive behavior, attitude and improved academically.

SnellResearchers had parents participate in a leadership training for more parental involvement, home-school communication, and teacher-parent and student dialogue.

Ex: changed initial path of study after realizing Hispanic culture's respect for school and questioning of school = disrespect.

Prior to working with the group of boys, Chris spent time researching their Maori culture.


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