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Language Arts

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Action Plan

Amanda SpoffordUNE 743Connecting Reading and Writing for Success

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Each year in the fall, we explore various animals. During this time I use the book "We're Going on a Lion Hunt" by Margery Cuyler. In the past I have used the book, song and interactive story actions to explore the tale. After discovering Katie Wood Ray's (2010) 50 illustration techniques I have a few new ways to explore this book with my students.

Going on a Lion Hunt

Although this book can be used with numerous techniques we studied, I am going to focus on three of these techniques.1. Using Details of Light to Show the Passage of Time2. Using Size and Color to Convey Meaning3. Repeating Details of Landscape

2. During the story, the students will write the sounds made by the various actions to either be BIG or little to match their volume.

1. My students will decide when the story will start. We will then begin the story illustrated to show the time of day. Throughout the story, their illustrations will change to show that the trip takes a whole day to complete.

3. While the students are illustrating and writing the story, they will work to ensure they pass the various landmarks in reverse order once they find the lion and are returning back to the school.

My students will be creating a class book retelling the story

ReferencesRay, K. W. (2010). In pictures and in words: teaching the qualities of good writing through illustration study. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.


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