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Chemical Elements

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The symbol for Actinium isAc


Actinium's atomic is89

Actinium's group in theperiodic table 3

Actinium's period in the periodic table 7

Actinium's atomic mass is227.028

The standard state of actinium is a solid

Actinium's colorsilvery

Actinium's classification is rare earth metals

3 uses, research, and no other found uses

Discovered byAndre' Debiernie

Discovered in 1899

The name actinium is derived from aktis, which means “beam” in ancient Greek.

You can find Actinium on the earth, and only the earth it is a rare earth metal.

Fun fact #3Actium's densityis 10.07 grams per cubic centimeter

Fun fact #1Boiling Point: 5,788 F (3,198 C)

Fun fact #2It is found naturally in uranium ores and actinium is 150 times more radioactive than radium.

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