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ACTFL Proficiency

ALEJANDRO SANZYesterday, Tuesday, November 15th, 2005, the fans of the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, were able to see and hear his idol in person at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The tickets were sold out a month ago, and the performance of Alejandro Sanz was superior. As usual, Alejandro sang his most popular songs such as “El Alma al Aire” (“The Soul in the Air”), “Mi Soledad y Yo” (“My Lonelyness and I”), “Heroe” (“Heroe”), and more.The concert started on time at 8pm and finished at 11pm. Three excellent hours of an outstanding performance, Sanz, gave to his fans from all over the world. The adrenaline of the fans was high with the romantic voice of the singer. Also, there were some lucky ones who were able to hold hands with their idol, and show their affection by giving to their favorite singer some gifts, such as flowers, teddy bears, chocolate boxes, etc.Furthermore, the price of the tickets were from $85.00 to $300.00, and all the tickets were sold out a month ago. There is not doubt the Alejandro Sanz has won his fans’ heart. Personally, I believe that Alejandro Sanz is an excellent singer and his sense of humor, his personality, his passion for believing in the true love, makes him a unique singer.

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My name is Pascal. I am a member of the accounting department. I work here since 6 years. I am in charge of audit of your company. Nice to meet you. This e-mail is the first contact of us. I want to know each other. Please let me know when you can attend a meeting. How about 12 Feb or 14 Feb? And Where do you hope to take place? Please asertain the agenda of meeting. Regard. Pascal

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012

exchange greetings

give identity

name familiar objects

memorized phrases

repetition, recycling words


predictable topics

basic personal information




short sentences

self and family

daily activities

order food

make simple purchases

ask a variety of questions

obtain simple information

get directions

interests and abilities


school and work

narrate and describe

connected discourse


How proficient do you want to be?


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