Actaeon and Diane

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Actaeon and Diane

"It all starts as Actaeon is hunting deer with a group of friends and a large pack of dogs. Everyone's hot and sweaty from hunting all morning, so they decide to just take it easy for the rest of the day. Searching for some shade, Actaeon wanders deep into the woods and stumbles onto a secret grove. And wouldn't you know it—he sees the goddess Artemis, naked as a baby mole rat. Artemis is furious when she sees Actaeon peeping on her lady parts, and she transforms him into a deer by splashing water at him. Cool trick. As he runs away, Actaeon encounters his hunting dogs, who tear their former master apart with their vicious fangs.Yep, that's it. Not a happy ending."

Main Characters:

1) Diane-Artemis: she was the goddess of hunt and she didn't like being seen naked. 2) Actaeon: he enjoyed hunting. Once, he saw Diane naked and turned into a deer. 3) Nymphs: they were with Diane in the forest. 4) Dogs: they attacked Acteon because they thought he was a deer.


- Oscar Reina Martinez- Miriam Martinez Lopez- Alvaro Martinez de la Puente Molina


Actaeon and Diane



Emotions in the myth:- Angry- Hate - Embarrasment


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