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Act Alone

Act Alone

Act Alone is a Theatre Festival dedicated to solo performing art, organized every year by the Kómedíuleikhús company, and is in fact the only theatre festival in Iceland that is held every year. It takes place in the small fishing town of Suðureyri in the Westfjords. This festival is among very few festivals that focus on this very special form of acting and it is also the oldest Theatre Festival in Iceland. The festival was established 10 years ago and next year, 2014, it will be held for the 11th time, August 6th to 10th. The festival takes place on Thursday and ends on Sunday. Ten performances have already been booked for the upcoming festival but the agenda won’t be presented until next spring. The events are always free of charge and a lot of famous Icelandic people perform at the festival.

There are many great events to attend at Act Alone, diversity is wide and everybody should find something that suits them. Solo performances, unique drama, creative writing, a magician, concerts, comedians, and everything in between. And there are not only plays from Iceland, but also from abroad.In Súðavík there are theatres but many places are also used as theatres for example the church and the local store.

The first Act Alone theatre festival was held in 2004. Elfar Logi, a local actor, got the idea of a solo performance/performing arts festival in Ísafjörður which is a place near Súðavík. He had taken part in some solo performance in the local theatre called Komedíuleikhúsið or the Comedy Theatre. A few phone calls later and with some help from people around the the first Act Alone was held in the Music School of Ísafjörður. There were 3 solo performances and a lecture about solo performing arts. The festival was a success and has been growing and expanding every year since.

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