Acrostic Assignment

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Acrostic Assignment


This project combines poetry and art. Please follow these steps to complete the project.


Visit these links to see examples of acrostics, and click on the acrostic images on this glog to view them at a larger size.


Select a word or phrase to use as the topic for your acrostic.Then use a brainstorming map to write down as many ideas as possible about your topic. If you click on the paper clip at the bottom right corner of the glog, you'll find a map you can download to your computer and print out.


Narrow your ideas by selecting your favorites from your map, then arrange them in your acrostic.

For interactive help with this project, visit this link. You'll get some good ideas!

Downloadable brainstorming/planning map and the RUBRIC I will use to grade your acrostic

These clever acrostics by Paul Janeczko are borrowed from a book I own, called "Teaching 10 Fabulous Forms of Poetry." It's a great book for ELA classes!

Alexandra source

origami source

lemur source

acrostic scroll source

Click here to view a sample acrostic glog


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