Across Five Aprils

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Across Five Aprils

Conflict:The external conflict in this book would be the Civil War. The internal conflict would be that jethro is a young boy facing hard times in and around his family and friends.

Setting:This story takes place in the 1860's in Southern Illinois

Character Development: Jethro turned into a man over the stroy by going through hard times.

Abraham Lincoln

Across Five AprilsBy: Irene Hunt

By: Ryan Williamson


Theme:The theme of this book is that the creightons have gone trough many tough times and are still a strong family.

Quotes: “ Don’t expect peace to be a perfect pearl, Jeth,’ Ross Milton had warned... ‘the hate that burns in old scars, and the thirst for revenge...are the things that may make peace a sorry thing.” “It was the saddest and most cruel April of the five.”


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