Across Five Aprils: Jethro Creighton

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Across Five Aprils: Jethro Creighton

Across Five AprilsJethro Creighton

By: Elizabeth Bretton

My name is Jethro Creighton and I live in Southern Illinois with my sister, three brothers, and my parents. The Civil War is going on and it seems just like a common thing, but when my brother is drafted, that's when it all starts.

Theme:The them of this story is Forgiveness Bonds A Community. Forgiveness was very important because if Matt Creighton hadn't forgiven Mr. Burdow, then Jethro could've died in the horse carraige. Also, the Creighton family forgave Bill for fighting for thr Rebels.

Character Development:Jethro grows to be a responsible man taking up most of the chores around the farm. He still shows respect for Bill even when he fights for the Rebels. Jethro really gros up and matures into a man.

Internal/External Conflict:The internal conflict is that Jehtro's brothers have to go off to the war and he is left with all of the work. He misses them very much and wishes that he could go with them. The external conflict is the Civil War and the draft pulling loved ones from their families.

"If someone had asked Jethro to name a time when he left childhood behind him, he might have named that last week of March 1862. He had learned a great deal about men and their unpredictable behavior the day he drove alone to Newton; now he was to lean what it meant to be the man of a family at ten." Page 97

By late afternoon, acrowd of firfty or more armed men stopped at the Creighton cabin to tell Matt of their intention of hunting Travis Burdow down and hanging him on the spot. But Mat Creighton had intervened..." Pg. 12

May God bless you for the earnestness with which you have tried to seek out is right; may He guide both of us in that search during the days ahead of us." Pg. 162

Setting:"Ellen Creighton and her nine-year-old son, Jethro, were planting potaotes in the half-acre just south of their cabin that morning in mid-April 1861; they were out in the field as soon as breakfast was over, and southern Illinois at the hour was pink with sunrise and swelling redbud and clusters of bloom over the apple orchard across the road." Page 1

"Jethro was crying unashamedly in the face of his grief." Pg. 44 "Don't go Bill, don't do it." Jethro begged Pg. 44


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