Acres of Skin-Holmesburg Prison Experiment

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Acres of Skin-Holmesburg Prison Experiment

Acres of SkinAllen M. Hornblum

The study went from 1951-1974.The doctors were the only judge of patient care.Vulnerable PopulationsRace RelationsLaws didn't require informed consent"accusations circulated for years that black inmates were directed to the less desirable tests with lower pay."

Time Period

Money was the biggest motivationRespectSpecial TreatmentResearchers wanted a controlled and large population to test their products on so they could market them for the public


Change in Laws as well as how the public viewed the studyLasting woundsScarsBurnsAn account from prisoners Lasting psychological wounds

Holmesburg Prison: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania 3/4 of the inmates were involved in the dermatology lab's experiments.Director: Dr. Albert Kligman



Cosmetics/Skin CreamsDeoderant/Shampoo/Foot PowderMilkshakeFingernailPatch TestGause TestLSDDioxin-"Agent Orange" Vietnam


Coersion/Undue influenceVulnerable PopulationNo Informed ConsentBroke the Pillars of Ethics of:BeneficenceNon-maleficenceAutonomy"First, do no harm."

The Worst Government Experimetns

Ethical Issues

Cell in the now deserted Holmesburg Prison

Skin Tests on Prisoners

Chloracne due to Dioxin


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