Acids, Bases, and Salts

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Acids, Bases, and Salts

Acids, Bases,and Salts

Acids(any compound that increases the amount of hydronium (H3O) ions in water)

Bases(any compound that increases the hydroxide (OH) ions in water)

Uses:• Sulphuric acid is used in batteries• Tannic acid is used to make ink and leather• Nitric acid is used to makes dyes, paints, drugs, and explosives• Hydroflouric acid is used to etch glass

Strong Base vs. Weak BaseWhen all molecules of a base break apart, it is strong. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base. When only a few molecules break apart, it is weak.

Strong Acid vs. Weak AcidIf all molecules of an acid break apart, it is strong. Sulfuric acid is a strong acid. If only a few molecules break apart, it is weak. Citrus acids are weak acids.

Uses:• Sodium hydroxide is used to make soap, paper, and oven cleaners• Calcium hydroxide is used in cement• Ammonia is a house- hold cleaner• Magnesium hydroxide is used for heartburn

Salts(an ionic compound formed when an acid neutralizes a base. The positive ion comes from the base and the negative ion from the acid)

pH is below 7

Properties:• Conducts electricity• Reacts with metals to create hydrogen gas• Sour taste, and corrosive• Changes color in indicators: turns blue litmus red, and bromthymol blue, yellow

pH is above 7

Properties:• Tastes bitter, and feels slippery• Changes color in indicators: turns red litmus blue and bromthymol blue, dark blue• Neutralizes acids to form salts• Conducts electric currents

Uses:• Sodium chloride used for seasoning food• Calcium sulfate is used to make wallboard• Sodium nitrate is used to preserve food