Acids and Base Project

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Acids and Base Project

MEASUREMENTThe terms strong and weak describe the ability of acid and base solutions to conduct electricity. If the acid or base conducts electricity strongly, it is a strong acid or base. If the acid or base conducts electricity weakly, it is a weak acid or base. You can measure them by looking at the Ph. If its over 7 its basic. If its 7 its neutral, and if its uder 7 its acidic.

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ACIDSAn acid's strength is related to how it reacts in water. Different types of strong and weak acidsStrong HCl - hydrochloric acid HNO3 - nitric acid H2SO4 - sulfuric acid WeakLiOH - lithium hydroxide NaOH - sodium hydroxide KOH - potassium hydroxide - Properties of an acidAcids have a SOUR taste, All acids are SOLUBLE in water And Acids solutions turn BLUE litmus paper RED How can you tell if a substance is acidic?Acids are substances that, when dissolved in water, increase the concentration of H+ ion


ACID RAINAcid rain is the cause of an chemical reaction that is contained when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released into the air.Acid rain can cause damages such as air pollution, harm to the rain forests, and also can cause several types of diseases due to the harmful chemicals in the air.The eastern part of the U.S contains low pH levels which causes acid rain to affect streams and lakes.One thing we can do is carpool , due to the fact that cars release so much nitrogen oxides, and that being an essential to acid rain.

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INDICATORS1.An acid base indicator has substances which change color with pH.Blue litmus paper, red litmus paper, methyl yellow2. Cherries are a prime example they are red in acidic solution but purple to blue in basic solution.3. Indicators change colors due to the dissociation of the weak acid indicator causes the solution to change color

BASESArrhenius law explains that bases are defined as a compound or element that releases hydroxide (OH-) ions into the solution. Bronsted-Lowry law expressed that the base-acid reactions involve the acceptance of hydrogen ions. The Lewis model in an base is stated to be an electron donator. An major difference is that the strong bases fully dissociate to give ions in solution, weak bases only partially dissociate the ions.Strong BasesRbOH - rubidium hydroxide CsOH - cesium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 - calcium hydroxideWeak BasesCH3NH2 methylamineC5H5N pyridineNH4OH ammonium hydroxide4. An physical base is slippery when wet(soap), and it tasted bitter. A chemical base turns red litmus paper blue and forms salt water.5.Two ways to determine a base is over the pH number of 7. Bases are solutions turn red when litmus paper is blue.

REACTIONSWhat products do you get when acid and base react? What is this type of reaction calledSalt and water. The reaction between an acid and a base is called a neutralization reaction. 2. A real-life example of this type of reaction. Toothpaste with tooth and acid ,When people suffers from acidity, they have some antacids to eat to neutralize the acid coming from their stomach, Carbonic acid produced during breathing will be neutralized by bicarbonate.


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