Acid rain

by VasylLoboiko
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Acid rain

The impurity of the environment has become a serious problem in recent years. Once there was a time when nature was clean: oceans were full of fish, woods with dear and meadows with sheep and goats. All this existed until man arrived on earth and started to transform what he found there. He began cultivating the land and raising sheep and cattle. To do that, he needed to destroy forests. Then, at the beginning of the 19th century, came the industrial revolution causing much more serious harm to the environment. This, together with a population explosion, has caused the current ecological problems. Acid rain contains high levels of chemicals resulting from car and factory emissions. It occurs when such emissions mix with the air only to return to earth in rain, snow, sleet or hail. This contaminated air can travel hundreds of miles or just a few miles before returning as acid rain. Because acid rain is acidic, it kills trees and wildlife, pollutes rivers and lakes and even damages buildings.

Possible Solutions:1. Reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency.2. Replace enterprises worn out of equipment with equipment that pollutes less.3. Install air and gas filters in factories in order to recapture dangerous particles.4. Search for sources of fuels that are not as dirty as coal and gasoline.5. Encourage the use of lead-free gasoline.6. Stop burning leaves and farm-related organic matter.7. Introduce park and ride schemes in cities.

Acid rain

by Vasyl


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