[2018] Justin Shim: Acid Rain

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[2018] Justin Shim: Acid Rain

Acid Rain





Acid rain is made by acidic chemicals, like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide mixing together in heavy clouds. Those heavy clouds rain, which contains acid rain.

You can place limestone around bodies of water because limestone dissolves into the acid rain, and makes it more basic. You can also use cars less and ride your bike or walk to use as transportation. Cars leave out acidic gases that can make acid rain. So start using your bikes and legs, and start placing limestone near bodies of water!



How Acid Rain Is Made

What Is Acid Rain

What Is Acid Rain

Acid rain is rain made by pollution and gases around the world, which makes the rain acidic. Acid rain can damage bodies of water, plants like trees, and limestone statues. Robert Angus Smith made up the term acid rain in 1872.

What Is Acid Rain



Damage By Acid Rain

Acid rain can do a lot of damage to plants, limestone statues, bodies of water, and more things! Acid rain dissolves the statue's Limestone, because limestone is a soft rock. People use limestone to make statues too! Acid rain can damage the nutrients of plants, like trees, so without trees there would be lots of air pollution because trees help make air.


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