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accreditation glog

WIKISallow students and staff to COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, CREATE, ORGANIZE CONTENT, and PUBLISH their work efficiently in an anytime anywhere learning environment.

PODCASTINGis an AMAZING way to use 21st century tools and skills in the classroom. It can be integrated either as a teacher-tool to enhance content for a unit or as a student-centered learning activity. It is a very inexpensive process and can provide real-world applications for students. Podcasting provides opportunities to teach and learn communication, collaboration and creativity skills, in addition to having global Click HERE to listen to some examples

A GLOG is an interactive 'poster' or presentation tool. Any element (image, graphic, text, video, sound, links) can be added to a GLOG to make it an interactive tool for presentation of content. This page was created with a Glog.

Blogs and Online NoteCards8th grade students report that they prefer using a blog when responding to questions about their literature unit.

SLIDE SHOWSCreating slide shows with students integrates multiple content areas and combines digital photos, student voices and music to create powerful pieces that can be used fto further student learning and for assessment

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