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Accent 1400

Accent 1400Speech Generating Device by PRC

Accent 1400 has been designed for versatility. The newest addition to the PRC popular Accent line of modern, tablet-style, speech-generating devices (SGDs), the 1400 features a large, 14” high-definition, touch-screen display and bigger icons. Screen and icon size is especially important for children and adults who must use alternative access methods, such as eye-gaze, head-tracking, or switch scanning, to operate an AAC device due to physical

Accent 1400 also offers a wide choice of vocabulary options to suit the diverse needs of augmented communicators, from young children who are just learning to speak to literate adults who have acquired a speech disability as a result of a stroke, brain injury, or

NuEye Tracking System

•PRC's exclusive Unity® Language System plus four additional vocabulary options, including WordPower™, Words for Life™ 84, CoreScanner™, and Essence™ for literate adults;•Multiple access methods including direct selection using Keyguards and TouchGuides™, single- and dual-switch scanning, NuEye™ Tracking System, and NuPoint™ Headtracking System (available soon);•Built-in support resources for clinicians and device users;•Exceptional battery life of up to 20 hours* for uninterrupted operation;•A built-in carrying handle and wire stand for portability;•A wheelchair Mounting Plate;•Front and rear cameras for photo-taking and video-chatting;•Choice of five trim colors.

Accent 1400Features

ACC Changes Lives

Using the NuEye Tracking System, keys are "selected" by gazing for a specified period of time to generate speech


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