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accelerated reader

I am pleased to inform you that the Accelerated Reader (AR) program is available to use this year. Students are responsible for reading at least 25 minutes every day, and AR will be one of the ways students demonstrate his or her successful completion of books read. Students may read books from the AR on-line inventory and then take a multiple-choice test on a computer at school. Go to to search the available books. Our classroom has procedures for taking the tests during school hours. Tests may only be taken for books read during the current marking period. AR points and comprehension will be included in the Reading grade, and students must meet his/her AR goal to demonstrate mastery for the marking period. The Reading goals for this year are an important part of the learning experience and I want to encourage students to read as much as possible.

Accelerated Reader Requirements

Point Goals:*Marking Period 1 - 20 pts*Marking Period 2 - 20 pts*Marking Period 3 - 20 pts*Marking Period 4 - 20 pts


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