Academy of Gymnázium Děčín

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Academy of Gymnázium Děčín

It's not this.


When you need masks, costumes or properties, you usually do them by yourself. (This is me in a mask of an irrelevant man, which was in our play, I didn't play him, but I had made the mask, 'cause I'm such a Renaissance man like da Vinci was.)

WHAT IS IT? School Academy is event, when classes, which want, prepare some short (ussualy up to ten minutes long) sketch. Almost everytime it's comedy, but it doesn't have to be.It's happening once a year (ussualy in April) in our City Theatre (the building in the background). Normaly Academy takes 2 hours, but this year it was 3,5 hours!

This year the theme of Academy was “Journey around the World”. Each class have played a scene from a foreign country (some classes have played two or more). The Academy is organized by Septima-class (7th grade).In our sketch there were from eTwinning SS: me, Štěpán, Pavel, Zuzka, Anička, Oliver, Jakub, Martin and Martin.The screenplay had been written by me and Štěpán and it was about a group of modern Russians traveling through Siberia and they ended in a communist village, where people didn't know about the decay/end of the USSR.

Our performance.

During the break people could taste typical food of each country.

Perfomance of former students of our school. They were guests.

This is the prologue of our play. I've got also the rest of it, but I've got some problems with the Internet now, so if I wanted to upload it, it would take 2 years minimally.(And yes, Kvasil is inspired by Master Yoda.)

Performance of another class.


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