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Academy of Art University

Established in 1929 by Richard S. , Academy of Art University is the largest art school in the nation. Located in San Francisco, the epicenter of culture and technology, AAU has a diverse population of more than 13,000 students from over 112 countries. Offering an art school experience like no other, professional instructors help thousands of students develop a unique combination of artistic ability and business skills.

1. AAU'S school mascot is the Urban Knights and there school colors are Red and Black 2.AAU has been offering an innovative online arts education since 2002.3.AAU was the first art university that has showcased student work at New York Fashion Week .4. About 4,900 (2,900 undergraduate) students from more than 40 states and 20 countries.5. Evenings and weekends are filled with cultural events such as art shows and performance artists.

Acedmy of Art University Ruby Mendoza

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9.Dose AAU have a Pre-Collage program?AAU offers a Pre-Collage program available to all current High School students

1. What are the most popular majors? Illustration, Acting, Graphic design, Film/ animation Video, painting, and drawing

8 . What types of degrees does AAU offer?AAU offers associate, bachelor’s and master's degrees in numerous subjects.

2.What is the average class size?Undergraduate: 16Graduate: 11

10.What is the tuition? It is $19,130 for a full time degree

7. Can the students attend part-time? No. All AAU degree programs require a committed full time study

4. What sports does AAU provide? AAU provides Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, track

6. What organizations can i be apart of? AAU coffers many clubs and organizations such as Jewelry and metal arts club, Landscape and Architecture club, Music club,comic book, and gaming club

3.Do most students complet there degree at AAU ? It varies a bit from year to year, on average, 95% of freshmen continue on at AAU and 90% complete their studies and receive a degree within six years.

5. What does it cost to attend AAU as a full-time student? The cost is made up of direct costs (tuition, fees and room and board, depending on individual choices) and indirect costs (personal and travel expenses, books and supplies)


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