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In the story My Sister the Vampire Love Bites, Ivy and Olivia were seperated at birth. Their dad is a vampire so that means they are vampires to. Well atleast Ivy is a Vampire.They go to Transylvania to meet their grandmother and grandfather ( as Ivy calls them countess and count.) When they get there the count and countess say they are going to have a fancy dinner. But Ivy didn't pack anything fancy to wear!

My Sister the Vampire Love Bites


The main characters are Ivy and Olivia. Ivy always wears dark clothes and she thinks that sweet mushy romantic stuff is sickining to her. Olivia is a cheerleader and her boyfriend is a movie star named Jackson, she gets jelous when all the screaming fans get their turn to see him first.

19.) Describe a weakness in the book. It may be in the story line, the characters, the language, the style, etc. Give examples.

The weakness in my book is that Ivy and Olivia belong to a vampire family, and garlic can weaken them. Another weakness is that Olivia is jelous of all the girls all over her boyfriend the big movie star. Ivy doesn't like mushy romantic stuff but her boyfriend Brenden bought her a really pretty necklace for her to keep with her while she is in Transylivania....

main characters

human v. human: Ivy and Olivia meeting their grandparents and dad.human v. nature: Ivy being a vampire and Olivia not being a vampire and having a vampire dad.human v. self: Ivy getting over not liking mushy romantic stuff and Olivia getting over that girls are going to be all over her boyfriend because he is a movie star.



Exposition:The setting of my book is Ivy and Olivia staying in a castle in Transylvania! The main conflict is that they are trying to get to know their family.Rising Action: Ivy and Olivia have to leave their boyfriends.they get on a plane for Transylvania.they meet their grandparents.Climax:The crown prince of Transylvania has began to come into interest with Olivia, he maybe up to no good or he maybe he just being friendly.Falling Action:Ivy feels like she truly belongs.Ivy and Olivia go home.Jackson and Olivia are together (not her and the prince.)Resolution:Ivy actually begins to feel like she truly belongs.

Point-of-view:this book is in third person. This takes away from the book because you don't know what Ivy and Olivia is thinking.

Theme:love, love is what makes the world go round.

Tone: humorus, love, calm, nervous.

IronyVerbal Irony: I'm not jealous.Dramatic Irony: A fancy dinner and not bringing anything fancy to wear.Situational Irony: I didn't expect Olivia to be with Jackson after Transylvania.



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