Abundance of Katherines

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Abundance of Katherines

Conflicts-Colin is worried about being unimportant and not mattering-Colin is upset about his breakup-Fight between Colin and The Other Colin-Financial problems in town because of factory-Colin, Hassan, & Lindsey trying to find themselves

MessageLive in the moment

SettingStarts in Chicago,they roadtrip to the town of Gutshoot, Tennesse

About the Author John Green is the author of Abundance of Katherines. He was dumped 53 times before he was married, which couldv'e been inspiration for this book. Other books of his are Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, & The Fault in Our Stars. He is also a co-author of Let it Snow & Grayson, Grayson.


Abundance of Katherines By: LIndsey Tague

CharactersColin Singleton- child prodigy that likes to share trivia noone cars about with everyone, can speak 8 languages and has dated 19 girls named Katherine. Colin is stuck in a cycle where he dates these Katherines All the Katherines were basically identical in that they all ended in one swoop at the end and Colin refers to them by numbersHassan Harbish- Colin's only friend. Hassn keeps it real with Colin and tells him when his facts are annoying Hollis- Lindsey's mom who is working extra hard to keep the factory up and running and save the jobs of her townLindsey Lee Wells- Lindsey wears different masks around different people so its hard to say who she is, but by the end she learns to be herself

POV3rd Person Omniscient

Writing Style -Throughout story there are flashbacks for the reader about Colin's past relationships-Novel has footnotes

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