Absorption/Radiation of heat

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Absorption/Radiation of heat

What did we do?.1. Put equal amounts of water and soil in styrofoam cups.2. Add thermometer to each cup.3. Place cups under heat lamp.4. Take initial temperatures of soil and water.5. Turn on lamp and start the timer.6. Every minute take temperature for 10 minutes of soil and water.7. Turn off lamp and take away.8. Record tempeature every minute for 10 minutes.9. Graph results.

What I think will happen?I know water takes a long time to boil so it will heat up slowly and water does stay hot for a long time. I think land and water will heat up and cool down at the same rate.

What did we use?Heat LampThermometersStop WatchStyrofoam cupsSoilWater



What happened and Why?Water takes a long time to heat up and cool down because it has high specific heat. Land is the opposite it heats up quickly cools down quickly.I did not know they heat up and cool down differently.


Aborption/Radiation of Heat by Land and Water


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