Absolutely Invincible

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Absolutely Invincible

Absolutely Invincible

George, as he can't remember a whole lot of his life, he didn't care about himself too. Also how he looks different with Bob and Mitzi, his step-parents.

When Amie fell down and was frustrated, Georged helped her. Eventhough he didn't know her then.Also George learned sign language to communicate with Heather.

Character sketch

After talking about the Well with Bob and Mitzi, George suddenly asks."Bob? Mitzi? Who am I? Where did I come from? I mean, I'm not from Canada, am I?"Soon they check out some Asian countries, and look at the mirror together. Talking about the different appearance that George wasn't aware of.

The well is a nightmare that George dreams often."The jungle is there in the distance, looming, like a black smudge against a ull sy. The terror. Ifloat toward the smudge until I stand at the edge. I stare into the thick gloom. Tangles of we trees and vines. Water drips. A rasping sould begins, then swells. A voice is screaming over and over, screaming from a black mouth, ober broken teeth. There is a path in the jungle with a hole. The screams come from the hole. I float again and then I am standing on a sharp rock. Around me a tossing, boiling ocean stretches into the gray sky. Wind whips spray into my face. The wind screams from a black mouth, over broken teeth. Away in the distance a ship reares and plunges. Over the side of the ship something pours into the tossing waves. It is people. They disappear."Soon from these nightmares George hears voices blaming him for something. But George can't remember anything.

George becomes extremely nervous when people are talking about things that he can't remember. Eventhough people were talking about a new topic, George was suspicious, and worried.

George becomes curious about himself and his past times. He begin to remember many things due to his friends' help.

George can't remember any childhood. Also it is hard for him to remember many things in recent times too.

George has saved Hook from getting hurt in the school park. He blocked the kicks and punches wisely and easily.Also when Amie was threatened by the Black Ones, George has saved her by beating up all of them.



The Well







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