Absolute Monarchy

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Absolute Monarchy

absolute monarchy A king or queen who has total power,and seeks to control all aspects of society.

Whats gives the king their power?Divine Right - Belief that god gave the king his "right" to be king ( God's Representative)

Elizabeth I Of England( 1533-1603)Achievements: Last of the Tudor monarchs. Was successful in keeping a good balance between Catholics & Protestants.Downfalls:Died without a child. Economic Problems.

Catherine The Great(1762-1796)

Peter The Great (1682-1725)

Peter & Catherine The Great gained control over russian. Peter Downfalls: He did not reach black sea, Reforms died with him, Used terror to enforced his policies & created a gap between rich& & poor. Catherine German princess who came to Russia, Embraced Western Idea's. (FRENCH) Catherine was a ruthless ruler, crushed peasants!!

Louis XIV(1643-1715)Built palace of Versailles. Strongest army In europe. Called himself "SUNKING"He use the wealth for his own benefits. Peasants starved.Numerous wars!

Frederick The Great(1740-1786)Seized Austrian Lands, Disciplined, Strong army, Enlightened despot.He Badly Treated & Fled The Country!!


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