Absolute Monarchy, (World & Ancient History Assignment)

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Absolute Monarchy, (World & Ancient History Assignment)


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Questions that should be addressed

1)What powers does the absolute rule have? (Levy taxes, wage war)2)How he aquire his position? (Divine Right, Heredity) 3)How absolute is your ruler's power? (Checks and Balances)4)What is his lifestyle like? (Houses, lady friends)5)What are some of his great achievements or defining characteristics of his legacy?

Peter the GreatThe Sun King

Suleiman the Magnificent

King Louis the XVI

Peter the Great

King Philip II

Examples of student Work

In assigned partners you will select one of the four monarchs pictured below. Then use the Glog platform to present a virtual poster of your absolute monarch. Your glog should be a mock up of the reality series "The Famous Life of...../MTV Cribs" in which a narrator interviews a celebrity outlining various aspect of the celebrities life. Using text, visuals, as well as an audio interview please include responses to questions located to the right.

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