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Abraham was born in a small farm house in hardin county. His family did not stay for long and by age 2 they ahd move to a farm house in nob creek. After a few move moves he made it to man hood on the Kentucky frontier. He had evidently become moderately successful as a farmer and carpenter, for in 1803 he was able to pay £118 cash for a farm near Elizabethtown. He was elected to be the 16th president of the USA on November 6, 1860. He became famouse afer his Emancipation Proclamation, his Gettysburg Address, and two outstanding inaugural addresses were created. He eventualy died on April 15, 1865 at age 56

Lasting Message

1804 - Born 1806 -Moved to a farm house 1808 - school starts1831 - First job1843 - run for president yyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Name

In 1860 when the south suceded president linclon made a speech to congeress describing what a union in. It stated that a union is 1 group of people. His message was a seperated union can not survive so when the going gets tough or you can not agree work you way through it without falling apart.

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His many achivements and decisions made will help us remember why today is what it is.


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Abraham lincoln



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