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Abraham Maslow

Life Essentials:-Water and food is important for the functioning of the brain. Nutrion deprivation causes children to perform badly in school. Food and water energize the body.2. Safety and Security:- When children fear the teacher this will cause the child to not feel secured. This cause the child fear of new things, like learning, eating and meeting new people.3. Belonging in Love:-When a child is feeling loved, it mske them ferl as if come someone cares about them (making them feel welcomed). This can occur by making eye contact or just smiling at the child.4.Achievement and Prestige:- Teachers should encourage a child to learn new thing. Teachers should also praise a child when they are improving in something they are trying to achieve. This will create more independence.5.Aesthetic Needs:-Creating a class that appeal to the child. Making it colorful, add picture...etc, because when places or things look nice they tend to stand out.6.Self Actualization:-Encourage child to go behind one's own knowledge.

Maslow believed that people need to be satisied by the basis human needs ( no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconmics).Maslow's Hierachy of Needs:1.Life Essentials-For Example: food, water, air2. Safety and Security-For Example: Safety, Freedom from Fear, Stability3.Belonging in Love-For Example: Acceptance,Love, Affection4. Achievement and Prestige-For Example: Self Esteem, Recognition, Approval5. Aesthetic Needs-For Example: Beauty, Order, Symmetry6. Self Actualization-For Example: Maximizing One's Potential(Morrison 136-141)

Self-Actualization Theory

1908 -Born in Brooklyn, NY1970- Died in CA from a heart Attack(Morrison 136-141)

Lasting Impact

Maslow has left a huge impacted on education today familarizing educator with the most importants needs of every child in order to teach them properly.

My Sources:-Morrison, George S,. Early Childhood Educ ation Today. 12th Ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Educatin Inc., 2012. 136-141. Print. - photos from google-videos from youtube

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