Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Family History:Parents: Thomas and Nancy LincolnBirthday: Febuary 12 1809Number of siblings: 2

Important life expirence: Before Abraham Lincoln was President he worked as a clerk for a store keeper

Important Life expirence: In December 1839 Lincoln attended a dance in springfield, there he met Mary Ann Todd.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was know for being the 16th president

Personal Life Achievement: John Todd Stuart asked Lincoln to join him in law practice. Later they built a substaintial law practice.

Personal Life Achievement: November 9th 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President Stephen A. Douglas lost.

Abraham Lincoln died on April 15,1865, John Wilkes Booth shot him in the head

Influencial People: Henry Clay(lawyer politician), Thomas Paine,(Political activist,philosopher) Theodore Parker.(precher)

Abraham Lincoln had 4 children Tad,Robert,Edward, William.


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