Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. When Abraham Lincoln was older he and his family moved to Illinois where Abraham Lincoln practiced law and worked for the state legislature. Abraham Lincoln was first put on the nation's spot light for the noctorious Lincoln- Douglas Debates. These debates gave Lincoln national recognition whcih allowed him to be a popular candidate for the presidency. Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860 and was reelected in 1864. During his presidency Abraham Lincoln was able to keep the nation together during the Civil War and freed thousands of people who had been enslaved for hundreds of years. Agaist all odds Abraham Lincoln's decisions triumphed making him one of the most respected and legendary presidents of our time. Today, many belive Abraham Lincoln to be a hero . However, in the 1860's he had many enemies who did not agree with many of the decisions Lincoln had made. This hatred lead to Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865. Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theater in Washington by John Wilkes Booth.


1860 -Became the 16th President of the United States1861- Inaugurated1863 - Issues Emancipation Proclamation1863 - Delivers the Gettysburg Adrress1864 - Names Ulyssess S. Grant as Union General1865 - Proposes and passes the 13th Amendment1865- The Civil War ends.

Abraham Lincoln got the United States through the Civil War which kept the nation togehter.Abraham Lincoln Passed the Thirteenth Amendment which formally ended slavery in the united States

Famous Quote

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any one thing."

Fun Facts

Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Republican Party.Abraham Lincoln was 6'4" making him the tallest U.S. PresidentAbraham Linoln was the first president to be assassinatedAbrahamn Lincoln was the fist president to have a beard.

Abraham Lincoln



The Gettysburg Address


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