Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln


1865- Abraham lincoln is killed.1860 - Lincoln becomes the first Republican to be elected President of the United States. 1858 - is chosen by Illinois Republicans to run for the U.S. Senate1837 -successfully pass a bill to move the state capital from Sandalia toSpringfield.1834 - wins his second bid for election to the Illinois House of Representatives. 1832 - becomes a legislature candidate1818- Mother's Death1809- Birth

-Issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which authorized the Army to protect escaped slaves and encouraged border states to outlaw slavery.-Signed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution permanently abolishing slavery in the United States.-He was the commander of chief during the civil war and became our 16th president.-First republican.

Lasting Impact

-One of the best presidents.-The United states may have been 2 different countries.


Before Abraham lincoln became the president 7 states had already withdrew from the union. When the confederacy was formed they told the north to abandon its garrisons. Then the confederacy attacked and conquered Fort Sumter. This began the civil war. After the Union gained a small victory in maryland on the year 1862, Abraham Lincoln isued the Emancipation Proclimation. This freed the slaves and helped them win the war because many of the freed slaves joined the army. General Robert Lee's army headed to pennsylvania and meet the unions army in gettysburg on july 1 1863. On july 3rd the union had won the civil war.



Abraham Lincoln Childhood

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. His mother, Nancy Hanks, died while he was 9-10 years old.He and his father worked as farmers and farmers.He had no more than 19 months of education as a child. This did not stop his thirst for knowledge. He loved to read books and borrowed them from neighbors whenever he could. Sarah, his sister, noticed Abraham's intelligence and encouraged him to read. She did to get books paper and pencils.

Adult hood

Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas, sold there old farm for $125 and traveled to Illinois. Then they built a cabin on their fifteen acres of land that they bought. In Illinois Abe became very political. He ran for congress many times and lost. Later on he became a lawyer to take his mind away from politics. He became well known as a lawyer across the country.


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