Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln


Abe Lincoln- The ManSo you want to learn who Abe Lincoln was married to? Well her name was Mary Ann Todd. Mary was the fashionable daughter of a wealthy Kentucky banker. Abe and Mary were very defferent. They were married on November 4, 1842. Mary’s parents did not want them to get married. After her two sons died she became depressed and emotionally imbalanced. Are you aware that Abe Lincoln had three kids? He had three sons. Edward was born in 1843, William was born in 1850, and Tad was born in1853. At the age of 4 Edward died of Tuberculosis. At the age of 2 William died of a fever. Lincoln was very close to his sons. He was a proud dad. He was very sad when his sons died. Let me tell you about Abe Lincoln and his personality triats. Abe Lincoln was a loving man and a proud father. One of the reasons people wanted to elected Abe Lincoln president was because he was honest, homespun , a man of the people and he stood for fairness and freedom. Also, Abe Lincoln was a great lawyer, speaker and political leader.

Lincoln and his son

Abe Lincoln's Early YearsWe know President Abraham Lincoln but do you know his past? Abe was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in February 12 1809. He lived with his farther Thomas, Mother Nancy, and Sister Sarah lived in a small log cabin that was are next to a farm.A sad thing happen to Abe when he was 7 his mom died of an illness called Milk sickness. His farther wanted him to do more farm work so Abe when to school only in the winter time he had to walk a fill 18 miles daily to get to and from school. Not much later Abe’s farther remarried a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston. His stepmom helped him with his schooling.Abe grew to be a tall and strong guy. When he was traveling down the Mississippi River on a small flatboat. One time when Abe was traveling he traveled to New Orleans and he saw black people being sold for slaves. When he was young he had many jobs and was a man of many talents. He worked as a storekeeper, surveyor, carpenter, legislator and wrestler. I loved looking for these facts for this piece. I thought the most interesting fact was that he was raised as a little poor boy but grew up to be President and ended slavery.

Abe as a teen working on the family farm

Birth Place of Abe Lincoln. Hodgenville, Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln

Abe visting a Civil War battlefield

Abe Lincoln- The LeaderHave you ever thought about Abe Lincoln? Some interesting things about Abe Lincoln are that he was president that he was in a war, and how he died. Abe Lincoln was elected as president on November sixth, 1860 he ran against Jefferson Davis. People liked him so much because Abe was honest, homespun, and he was a man that liked equity and freedom. His biggest problem as president was that he tried to let slaves free. Yes he was reelected as president in 1865. Let me fill you in on the war that Abe Lincoln was in. The two sides fighting are the union and the confederacy. Abe Lincoln was in the Union. They were fighting because Abe wanted to let the slaves free. On April 19, 1865 the Union won the war.Are you aware that Abe Lincoln died? He died of a gunshot to the head. John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln while he was watching a play at the Washington Ford Theatre. He died on April, 15, 1865. He was on a funeral train on his way back to Illinois, where he was later buried.It was awesome to learn about Abe’s life. Some of the things I learned were that he became President, was in a war, and his death.

President Abraham Lincoln



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