Abraham Lincoln - Douglas Debate

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Abraham Lincoln - Douglas Debate

This series of debates probably favored anti slavery movement of America. As a result of this debate, more people became aware of the issue about slavery. If slavery was accepted before, people now began to question its legitimacy. This event was extremely important because of the risen public awareness about the slavery conflict. More Northerners were opposing the slavery, while Southerners got more desperate to defend their slavery legacy. The American Civil War would probably have occured even without this debate, but it would have been delayed a few more years because it would have taken that much time for the public to catch up with the issue. Also, the result of the senatorial election was not very relevant because the focus was on growing national attention on slavery issue.


August 21 - October 15, 18581)Abraham Lincoln - Senatorial Candidate2)Stephen Douglas - Senate of state of Illinois

In the end, Douglass won the Senate election, but this debate led to broader public awareness of the slavery issue. Abraham Lincoln was able to solidify his political position - which eventually led him to presidency in 1860. Simply, during the debates, Lincoln got support from citizens and he finally became a senate of Illinois.


Election of Senate ; Douglas was Illinois Senator and Lincoln was challenging him for the Senate. Both senatorial candidates were trying to win control of the legislture by participating in this debate.


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Lincoln-Douglas DebateJenny Park, Martin Lee


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"A house divided against itself cannot stand" I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slaves and half free. (Abraham Lincoln "A House Divided")

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