Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

freeier of the slaves and 16th president

Abraham Licoln was born in a dirt floored windowless cabin,on of febuary,12,1809 near Hodgenville, Kentucky.Abraham licoln was named after his grandfather who died from a native American tribe allied by the british he was killed right in front of lincoln as an infant. By the age of six in 1816 he started school and learned letters from cathlic teacher in a log cabin. Later in his childhood he learned more from his step mother . In early adult hood John Todd Suart taught him about law and politics which lead to his presidency.

His family lived in illanois and kuntucky living of farming. his family worshipped an anislavery church which lead to his hatread towards slavery.on october 5 1818 his mother died from the milk deaise.on january 20 1828 his sister died giving birth to her son and her son died also. in 1835 Licoln became engaged to Ann Rutledge who died days later from water polution before marring. november 4 1842 licoln married Marry todd stuart his mentor john tood stuart's sister. Their first child Robert todd licoln was born in 1843.his second child Edward todd licoln was born in 1847. three years later in 1850 Edward died from polluted water. during 1850 to make up for the loss of Eward they had a third child named William todd lincoln . during 1853 their last child was born he was named thomas.on febuary 20 1862 at the age of 12 william died of a fever.

Birth place and education

Family History

interesting life Experiences

At one time he led a milita agaist the black halk tribe which had killed his grandfather. he ran for politition agaist his future brother inlaw john todd stuart. When they were fighting for politition was so competetive Licoln ouce pulled a pistol towards another canadite. some say he started the civil war by trying to make kansas a slave free state then rebels from the south attacked illanois. during the civil war licoln was not involved much other than choosing generals, when choosing generals he often had trouble because they were overconfident or scared. even though his troops greatly outnumbered by more than double the population of soilgers of the confederates ,the generals of the union made it a struggle.

Personal achievment and triumph

Abraham licoln had manny jobs before his presidency . in may of 1831 he opened a store with his friend berry and licoln told political information which led to his knoledge of ploitics.during 1840 he became layerhe also became a politition for the state of after his 2nd try in illannois. in 1855 licoln was given the chance to become a senator and move to washinton DC.in 1847 after many election he became a congressman .in 1860 he began his campain for president he had great sucess in new york. on november 6 1860 he eleted president.He Created the emancipation proclomation which made slavery illeagal.

Influentail person

John todd staurt was licoln laywer, friend, and metor in law, if Stuart did not meet licoln and ifluenced him to becom a laywer then ploittiion senatior and president he might not have ran for president. Licoln's parents also influenced him by raising him in a anislavery church which grew to his hadred to slavery.


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