Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Family:Mother - Nancy Hanks Lincoln -died from milk sickness in 1818Father - Thomas Lincoln-remarried Sarah Bush JohnstonOlder sister - SarahYounger Brother - Thomas-died as an infant

Abraham Lincoln

Family:• Mother - Nancy Hanks Lincoln-died from milk sickness in 1818• Father - Thomas Lincoln-remarried Sarah Bush Johnston• Older sister - Sarah• Younger Brother - Thomas-died as an infant

Childhood:• Lincoln was born near Hodgenville, Kentucky on Febuary 20, 1809.• His family was forced to move to Indiana Territory in 1817 because of their beliefs against slavery and the land was cheaper.• In March 1830, they moved to central Illinois.

Early Careers• 1832 - A war between Native Americans and the US broke out and Lincoln was elected to lead the militia. This was Lincoln's only experience with the military before 1861 and he made a lot of political connections during the time.• He ran for Illinois state legislature but he lost.• 1834 - He ran for state legislature again and became a member of the Whig Party.

Education and Beliefs• Both of Lincoln's parents were illiterate.• He had only about eighteen months of formal education, but he enjoyed reading.• He believed slavery was both morally wrong and an obstacle for economic development.

Law Career• While he was serving in IL state legislature, he studied law with his teacher, John Todd Stuart.• He began his legal practice in 1837 and moved to Springfield, IL.• He soon became a respected and successful lawyer.

Political Career• 1847 - Lincoln was elected to the US House of Representatives, but only served one term.• He ran for the House of Representatives again but he lost. He then went to run for higher office.• The end of the Whig Party, which he had been a part of, came after the Kansas-Nebraska Act.• 1856 - He became a member of the Illinois Republican Party.• He ran against Stephen Douglas for Illinois Senate, but he was defeated.

Election• Febuary 1860 - He gave his Cooper Union speech in New York saying he didn't want to end slavery where it was already; he just wanted to stop it from expanding.• May 1860 - The Republican Party elected Lincoln to run for president.• Lincoln won the election recieving 40% of the population's vote and 60% of the electoral votes.

Civil War• March 1861 - Seven states secede and become the Confederate States of America.• Lincoln did not recognize Confederate independence.• On, April 12th, the Civil War began.• Lincoln's main goal for the first year and a half was to keep the Union together with the least amount of casualties.• Lincoln wanted to use General Winfield's Anaconda Plan to block all trade routes and split the Confederacy in two.• In the summer of 1862, he decided to emancipate the slaves in the south as a military necessity. • September 22nd - The Emancipation Proclamtion was signed and from then on the goal changed to keeping the country together and ending slavery.• The proclamation also ensured that the UK, who outlawed slavery in 1834, wouldn't help the Conferderacy.• Lincoln began learning from his and his past generals' mistakes while also studying military tactics.• He was very impatient and went throught many generals including Irwin McDowell, George McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, Joseph Hooker, and Ulysses S. Grant.• Grant and Lincoln soon became an undefeatable combination.• 1864 - Lincoln started reconstructing the country and signed the 13th Amendmant which outlawed slavery in the US.• On April 9, 1865, Lee surrendered to Grant and the Civil War was finally over.

Death• Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 and then died the next morning.• He is buried in Springfield, IL.



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