Above Knee Fitness Prosthetics - Passion Project

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Above Knee Fitness Prosthetics - Passion Project

If you are on a beach, on a trail, or on the track . . . there’s nothing like a good workout.

The fitness prosthetic above knee leg is technology because it help oneself walk. But this specific leg doesn’t just walk it runs jumps and gives you the workout you would have with a real leg.

By: Colleen Squier

The fitness leg uses the rotary hydraulic: to help the running speed you can set your own speed for running at your own pace.

Above Knee Fitness Prosthetics

Above Knee Fitness Prosthetic

The only running prosthesis designed for above-knee this prosthetic leg can help you increase moblity and strength while helping your overall health. If you’re an athlete this is the prosthesis you need.

This product works by simply placing the top indent around the remains of the leg then you can set the leg to match your workout level.

This is the rotary hydraulic:

The rotary hydraulic is what is in the knee bend you can set this to your running speed you can also change the sole adapter to a specific one for example if you are playing soccer with this prosthetic you would want a cleat sole that plays the part of a full cleat.

For more information about this topic visit:Ottobock.com

These are examples of different soles:

People that do not have a leg to workout with will use this leg for its actual purpose every day they do a work out but they don’t have to use this leg the can use an other leg but this leg lets you do more things other are made for one thing only such as the waterproof leg which is normally used to swim.

When:In 1958, the North American headquarters was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Where:-Germany -Toronto, Ontario-North America

Who:A prosthetist named Otto Bock.


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