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I my self have many things I like. For one my favorite bands are three days and skillet grace,my favorite movie is Scott pilgrim vs the world.finally MyRole model is My dad Who started me on gaming.

My name is Thorn Puckett and most of my life I have been with my dad until my parents got divorced .ever scince me,my sister Tamara ,my brother Trent ,and my mom had problems . Well first my mom got married . and for 1 year we lived in my FAVORITE house.Until tragity struck, moving day . it was horrible I had to move away from my freins and most of all my godfather Michael sims my das best freind and work partner. we moved into a little cramped trailer in a small trailer park until April 8 one year later . where I continue my life in my new home Where I am closer to freinds and my godfather. now we DONT have a cramped house.

I guess what mkes me me is well myself . My gaming skills are what give me my imagination, if I had no imginaton I would be a stone cold sierious person . I would awlways have a logical explanation for pretty much everything INCLUDING apparitions. But most of the time I am usually plying with my freinds or Helping my mom fix her motherboard to keep it from lagging. other than that you can find me at my friends house Aaron Mayer we have been freinds for a year now. The only down side is I have Iracnifobia the fear of spiders.



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